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My Training for 2019

Sunday 24/03/2019

Today’s training run was probably one of the most important runs of the whole build up to the virginmoney London marathon 2019 as you’re meant to run up to 20 miles in the build up.
Having run marathons previously I know that the whole marathon experience is pretty brutal on the body and mind but the feeling you get going over the finish line after 26.2 miles of pounding the tarmac is totally unexplainable unless you have done it.

Today’s training run was very tough. It was a route I have done before but probably 7 year’s ago as the last marathon I ran was Brighton 2012.
The run was from my house on the Broyle in Ringmer through the village and into Lewes right though the town and past the prison, down to the A27 and along to Falmer village, once around the village then retracing my steps all the way back to home.
The distance was 18.36 miles in a time of 3hrs 13.mins 3 seconds. I also wore my DEMENTIA REVOLUTION VEST ready for the London Marathon 2019.

Sunday 7/04/2019

Just getting ready to take on last 20 mile.
left knee giving me a bit of trouble but hey NO PAIN NO GAIN .

Kevin Miller before 20 mile run 7-4-2019

Well everyone I can officially say that I am now on taper.
Taper is when you start to wind down the mileage towards the MAIN EVENT as it is now only 3 weeks away and it couldn’t come quick enough.
If I am honest it really is just about getting to the finish line this time.
 It has been 7 years since I ran a full marathon and anyone that says that it is easy is dreaming.
I have an amazing support team but they know how I have found it this time the has been alot of pain and tears on the way.
I can honestly say that I dread swinging my legs out of bed every morning at the moment not knowing how they will feel but in strange way I thrive on it as I know what it feels like to go over the finish line after 26.2 miles.
 I don’t think there is any feel like it. It is pure adrenalin. I recommend you try it even a 5k parkrun is a great feeling

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